Sufficient physical fitness in all disciplines requires progress, success, and injury reduction, along with all of the Parkour A, Freestyle and Stunner strides provided by the A2 Parkour team, a dedicated section dedicated to fitness training. But the difference with other fitness clubs in these sans is that fitness and endurance and endurance workouts are intended to be targeted and given increased performance in the parkour and Free Running Exercises are designed to not only increase muscle volume but also Intended to enhance endurance and body strength performance in the subsequent areas that team members work with, so we can say that fitness is not a standalone discipline but an obvious prerequisite for increasing Performance in Parkour, Free Running, and even Stuntman is inevitable, along with other agility exercises, especially kids and adolescents to improve physical health and prevent acrobatic injuries. Bad power before their bodies are damaged under the pressure of heavy acrobatics Acquires acrobatic training, so at both Parkour and Freeway Runner stunts or stuntman stunts, minimal training is needed to increase body strength and endurance, as well as separate sanctions for fitness and fitness training. More specialized is also provided. If you would like to sign up for fitness sessions, call 09904302161 (Ahmad Reza Ahmadian) or click here to see the clubs under your supervision.

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Fitness / Powerlifting