History of Parkour

Parkour has existed for a long time when humans needed to be hunted and not hunted, but Parkour’s sparks were meant today by a French Vietnam War soldier named Raymond Belle. During the war, he needed art to hunt, escape, rescue and rescue. He was also one of the brave firefighters and had carried out several very dangerous missions.

Some 28 years ago, in one of the villages around France, Raymond’s son, David Belle, mixed some of his father’s movements with childhood games with his friends. When they got older, they worked on this art and made it today.

After some time, there were differences of opinion between Sebastian Fuken and David Bell, which led to the division of the field into two distinct divisions. Sebastian believed that there should be a little bit of dramatic and creative movement in Parkour, but David said that the beauty of motions was of no importance to Parkour.

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